Kiev hears the demands of protesters from southeast of Ukraine

Capital of Ukraine decided to listen to the demands of protesters in the southeast of Ukraine Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said that the reform of on the decentralization of power will be implemented in the Constitution and the regions will receive “a wide range of powers”.

In particular, Yatsenyuk said that the government opened a special position for deputy prime minister responsible for decentralization of power.

According to the PM, the reform will not be limited to the new appointments. “This is a major reform; while preserving the unity and unitarity of Ukraine, it channels to the places - to regions, cities and districts - the broadest range of powers and financial resources necessary for the development of regions,” said Yatsenyuk addressing the residents of southern and eastern regions of Ukraine.

The Prime Minister promised, “in the first place this will affect health, public utilities. There will be a municipal police. Local specifics will be considered in the fields of education, culture, history and its heroes.”

Many regions of southeastern Ukraine are dotted in rallies demanding resignation of the officials appointed from Kiev and referenda, similar to the Crimean.

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