Russia's G8 membership suspended

Russia's membership in the G8 suspended; on March 19, “all seven major powers will come together, but without Russia,” said the French Foreign Minister.

“As for the G8, we have decided to suspend Russia’s membership,” said the Minister talking live on the French radio “Europe 1”.

Mr Fabius did not elaborate on the exact location of the March 19 meeting of “seven major powers”.

Meanwhile, speaking on March 18 to the Federal Assembly, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin also spoke about the West's reaction to the situation in Crimea.

"We are told that we are violating the international law. First, it is good that they even remembered that there is international law, thanks for that, better late than never,” said the head of the state.

The President stressed that declaring its independence, appointing a referendum, the Supreme Council of Crimea referred to the United Nations Charter, which refers to the right of nations to self-determination.

“By the way, Ukraine itself, I want to remind you, did the same thing when it announced its withdrawal from the USSR, almost exactly the same. Ukraine used this right, but denies it to the Crimeans. Why?” Vladimir Putin addressed the question to Western politicians.

The President also noted, “There are talks about some Russian intervention in the Crimea, the aggression”.

“Strange to hear this. I do not recall a single historical case when the intervention took place without a single shot and no casualties,” quotes Putin's press service his words.

G8 is an international club that includes UK, Germany, Italy, Canada, Russia, USA, France and Japan.

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