More power to local councils, says meeting in Lugansk

In Lugansk representatives of local and Kiev authorities discussed the reform of local government at a board meeting of the Ukrainian Association of District and Regional Councils. The event was attended by Vladimir Groisman, Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine, Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Communal Services.

The heads of local councils received the Draft local government reform and the draft laws of Ukraine “On cooperation of territorial communities” and “On the right of territorial communities to unite”. Lugansk regional council representatives provided their comments and suggestions on this project.

According to Lugansk regional council head Valery Golenko, governing system in Ukraine should be reformed as soon as possible. Local councils need to receive the maximum authority; executive bodies of regional and district councils must provide meaningful self-administration of their territories. In this case, the state administrations will monitor the legality of decisions taken by the local authorities and supervise the quality of administrative services to the population, said Valery Golenko.

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