Putin: there is no one to talk with in Ukraine; there is no legitimate authority there

Today, on March 18 the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin made a speech in the Kremlin in front of the Federal Assembly and made a statement about the application of the Crimea and Sevastopol on their admission to the composition of the Russian Federation.

The Russian President noted, that organizers of the coup d'état in Ukraine were "heirs of Bandera", who first of all wanted to implement the law on languages. "Nationalists, Russophobes and anti-Semites are main executors of the coup d’état. First and foremost new authorities have registered a bill to revise the language policy. It infringed upon interests of national minorities. Foreign sponsors checked them immediately because they are smart and understand, where attempts to build an ethnically pure State may lead to. The bill was put aside, but it is clear that it was only postponed. Its existence is passed over in silence, but today exact intentions of heirs of Bandera and henchmen of Hitler are clear. There is no one to talk with in Ukraine; there is no legitimate authority there. One can even get an appointment with current ministers, who do not solve issues and do not have control over anything, only with the permission of fighters of Maidan, and this is not a joke," Putin said.

He stressed that, in such a situation Russia could not remain aside and decided to protect Russian speaking population of Ukraine, in particular, residents of the Crimea.

"Those, who opposed the coup, were immediately threatened, and the Crimea became the first one. Residents appealed to Russia with the call to defend them. Of course, we could not but respond, could not leave inhabitants of the Crimea in trouble, otherwise this would be the betrayal," the head of the state noted.

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