Putin and Konstantinov signed the agreement on the Crimea joining Russia

Today, on March 18, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the chair of the State Council of the republic of the Crimea, the parliament of the Republic of the Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov, the prime minister of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov and the mayor of Sevastopol Alexey Chalyi signed an agreement on joining the Crimea to Russia and creation of new entities in the composition of the Russian Federation.

"According to the latest surveys, about 95% of citizens believe that Russia should protect interests of its citizens in the Crimea. More than 83% of respondents think that Russia should help the Crimea, even if it will aggravate our relations with other countries. 86% are confident that the Crimea is historically our territory. And almost 90% are confident that the Crimea should join Russia. Thus, the overwhelming majority of residents of the Crimea and Russia support reunification with Russia," Putin noted speaking in front of the Federal Assembly.

The Republic of the Crimea is considered to be admitted to the Russian Federation since the date of signing of the agreement.

As was reported earlier, on March 16 the referendum was held in the Crimea, during which 96% of voters supported reunification with Russia. On March 17 the local self-proclaimed authorities of the Crimea declared the peninsula an independent state. On the same day Vladimir Putin signed a decree on recognition of independence of the Crimea.

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