UN General Assembly to decide on Ukraine on March 20

The situation in Ukraine may be submitted for consideration at the UN General Assembly on March 20, officially announced Assembly President John Ashe to countries’ representatives.

So far, Ash official letter does not imply that a country is ready to initiate a resolution on the Crimean referendum at the General Assembly meeting, RIA Novosti reports. UN General Assembly resolutions are adopted by a simple majority of votes and, in contrast to the Security Council decisions, have advisory nature.

Ashe letter marks the situation in Ukraine under the agenda’s slot “Prevention of armed conflict: strengthening the role of mediation in the peaceful settlement of disputes, conflict prevention and resolution”.

On March 15, Russia vetoed and blocked the adoption of UN Security Council resolution cancelling the Crimean referendum.

As previously reported, nearly 97% of Crimea-wide referendum voted in favour of joining Russia; the turnout exceeded 83%. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the referendum, held in presence of Russian troops, was in line with international law and the UN Charter. On Monday March 17th, he signed a decree recognising Crimea as an independent state.

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