Organiser of pro-Crimea rally transferred from Odessa to Kiev

A protest demanding release of Anton Davidchenko, organiser of the pro-Crimea march has been going on near the Odessa building of Ukraine’s Security Service for over four hours.

According to UNN news agency, people began to gather near the building after media reported on the arrest of the local leader of “People's Alternative” - the coordinating council of several public organisations. From the early hours, Special Forces agents surround the building; SBU representatives claim that they do not have the detainee in custody.

Davidchenko defence lawyer told the rally in front of the building that the detainee has long been taken in Kiev and that today, March 18, the court will decide on preventive measure for him. This news agitated the people and despite the late hour, they began to set up tents in front of the building. From time to time, the people mumbling “Odessa - Russian city”, “Shame”, “Come on Odessa, chase Bandera out”, reports news source.

Regional council deputy Alexei Albu, who come to the meeting, said, “Illegitimate authorities jail peaceful protesters while Sashko Bily and other armed bandits walk free and terrorize people”.

Anton Davidchenko was detained by the Ukraine’s Security Service in central Odessa, near the “Youth Unity” office, on March 17. Earlier on March 16, during the rally, Davidchenko said that he is not afraid of the Security Service and will continue to insist on forming the “New Russia” territory unifying Odessa, Kherson and Nikolaev regions. “So far, the rallies are peaceful, but if we are not heard, we will use other methods,” said Davidchenko at the rally.

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