Fighters of the Right Sector attack peaceful residents of Dnepropetrovsk

People in masks, marching freely in a column along the streets of Dnepropetrovsk with anti-Russian slogans, attack peaceful citizens. The video of beating a young resident of Dnepropetrovsk appeared in the network in the evening of March 17. On the video one can see supporters of Euromaidan catch up and start beating a young guy, who was going along Serov Street with a girl.

The reporter of the news agency Kharkov managed to find out that the incident took place on Sunday during the anti-fascist rally. Fighters of the Right Sector grouped near the City Council, and then moved in a column to the Regional Administration, chanting anti Russian slogans. The young man, who was walking along the opposite side of the road, responded to the chanting, after that masked men from the Right Sector caught up the resident of Dnepropetrovsk and started to beat him. The screaming of the girl, who accompanied the young man, scared supporters of Euromaidan away, and they left hastily.  Previously the Ukrainian police promised to carry out more thorough check ups of people, whose appearance looked suspecting. The police intended to pay particular attention to people wearing masks. However, there was no police on the video neither during the anti Russian procession along the streets of Dnepropetrovsk, nor during the attack of the peaceful city dweller.

On Sunday, March 16 the rally in support of the referendum in the Crimea, and the anti fascist march took place in Dnepropetrovsk. During the rally signatures in support of the referendum regarding the question of defining the status of Dnepropetrovsk region were gathered. After the rally demonstrators, accompanied by the police, moved in column towards Petrovskiy Square. On their way people joined the procession. Protesters chanted: "Russia!" "Fascism will not do!" "Crimea, we are with you!" "Dnepropetrovsk get up."

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