Two mosques burnt down in the Crimea during three days

Today early in the morning a mosque went up in flames in Rovnoye village in Krasnogvardeysky region. The building did not burn to the ground, but the sacred scriptures were destroyed by fire.

The fire started an hour before namaz, around 6 a.m. on the eve of especially honored Muslim holiday - Kurban Bayram.

The head of the secretariat of Majlis of the Crimean Tatar nation Zaire Smedlyaev thinks that it cannot be a coincidence that two mosques were burnt within three days.

"I think those were the actions of the affiliate of the same organization that started a fire in Saki. These guys have distributed chauvinistic leaflets several times here," said Smedlyaev.

As the website Crimea.Commentaries reported a day earlier the central mosque of the town caught fire. Some things in 20 square meter utility room were consumed by fire. According to the main imam of Saki region Emirasan Umerov, arson was the reason of the fire. Police has started the criminal investigation of the incident.

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