Kiev police stormed the apartment, the inhabitants of which "dared" to play the Soviet march during the march of Svoboda

Yesterday evening the officers of police and the Security Service of Ukraine tried to assault the apartment, the inhabitants of which broadcasted the song "Vstavay Strana Ogromnaya" (the anthem of the Great Patriotic War in the Soviet Union – translator remark) during passage of the nationalists from Svoboda.

According to the representatives of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs, the march of the Ukrainian nationalists went without any incidents. Nevertheless, yesterday there were at least 2 conflicts, which could not be considered accidental.

The first conflict happened at the intersection of Vladimirskaya and Bogdana Khmelnitskogo streets. A man dressed in Wehrmacht uniform appeared near the building of the opera theater and pretended to greet the approaching column. The man explained to the passers-by and tourists that that was the way the Nazis were supposed to greet the marches of their followers. Having seen him, 8 people from the security service of Svoboda separated from the column and tried to attack the opponent. The man in uniform was the veteran intelligence officer Sergey Razumovsky, one of the initiators of creating a volunteer corpus to be sent to Syria. When a brawl started, Razumovsky was supported by his comrades, and, as TV reporters came to the scene of the incident, the representatives of Svoboda withdrew.

However, shortly afterwards the loudspeakers, located at the balcony on the seventh floor of a multistoried building across the opera theater, began to play the march "Vstavay Strana Ogromnaya". Besides that 2 huge copies of Victory banner were hung from the balcony.

In the evening the officers of police and the Security Service of Ukraine, totaling 15 people, started to assault the apartment, which contained the opponents of the nationalistic movement. Some sources say that deputy from the Communist faction Alexander Golub was among the besieged.

Estimates of the number of participants in the march vary between 5 and 50 thousand people. The leaders of Svoboda claim that the number of people could have been much bigger. It's worth mentioning that on Sunday and Monday the Ukrainian carriers en masse refused to drive the participants of UPA march to the capital of Ukraine.

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