The project of the bridge across Kerch Strait will be ready by November 1, 2014

The Minister for Regional Development Igor Slynyaev informed about the decision of the government of Russia that the entire design estimates for the construction of the bridge across Kerch Strait should be developed by the state company Rosavtodor by November 1, 2014.

"It is not excluded that means of the Fund of the National Wellbeing may be used for implementation of this strategic and unequivocally offset project," Slynyaev stated in the interview to the newspaper The Kommersant.

The Minister informed that 343.9 billion rubles is reserved in the Russian federal budget for taking additional measures for development of economy,  support of the labor market, small and medium-sized business. He also noted that additional 21 billion rubles was provided for support of balancing of regional budgets. If needed, these means may also be used for development of the Crimea.

Previously the vice-prime minister of the Crimea Rustam Temirgaliev informed that the cost of the project was about $1.5 - 3 billion. The expenses will be compensated for in 5-10 years. The final version of the bridge will have a freeway, a gas main, a main line and a high-voltage network.

As was previously reported, nearly 97% of participants of the referendum in the Crimea voted in favor of joining the region to the Russian Federation, herewith the turnout exceeded 83%. The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin stated that the referendum was held according to the international law and the Charter of the United Nations. On Monday he signed a decree, according to which the Crimea is recognized an independent state.

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