RF Council speaker: Russian tourists will visit Crimea in summer

The channel «Russia 24» broadcast the speaker of Council of Federation Valentina Matvienko addressing the Russians with having a rest in Crimea in the summer.

The speaker said of her vacations in the Crimea, which had been two years ago, and of being ready to serve an example again. Going to Peninsula is safe and comfortable.

«It is very important not to disrupt the holiday season in the Republic and to ensure the Crimeans a profitable summer», Matvienko noted.

On March 17 results of the referendum on the status of Crimea were announced. 96.77% of the population of the Peninsula voted to unite with Russia. During the second half of the day, the RF President Vladimir Putin signed a decree recognizing the independence of the Republic of Crimea.

Recall that Russia promised Crimea a financial assistance in the amount of $ 3 billion which will cover the budget deficit, social payments and construction of Kerch transport passage.

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