Pozhidaev: Ukraine without Crimea is on the verge of economic apocalypse

REGNUM international correspondent Evgenii Pozhidaev predicts Ukraine a default and a sharp deterioration of living standards, even food shortages and blackouts.


The gas agreement with Russia from April stops operating. Therefore, Ukraine will theoretically buy gas in the price of about $ 400 per 1,000 cubic meters. Why theoretically? Because the total cost of gas will amount to 20 billion dollars. Ukraine has no such fund reserves. Minister of coal industry and energy Yurii Prodan at the meeting of public council on March 14 proposed to shut all firms-intermediaries down. The price for the gas is too high to permit them enter the share.


The Ministry of agrarian policy reported on the successful holding of crops, though posted on the site figures do not correlate with the message.


Pozhidaev also mentioned “the storm” that is coming from the East of the country. Odessa, Donetsk, Kharkiv region more actively assert their position on status of the Autonomous formations and joining Russia.


The EU promises to provide Ukraine with a loan, but the words do not correspond with the actions. For over the past period, the Ukrainian budget received 1.150 billion dollars. Most of the money the government intends to spend on the incapable 20,000-strong National guard training. The National guard comprises militants of the nationalists grouping of «Right sector», whose head wanted to undermine Ukrainian pipeline, so that Russia would not supply Europe with gas, and military Euromaydan activists of «Freedom». This will only exacerbate the already unfavourable situation, Pozhidaev considers.


Note, in April Ukraine is obliged to repay the debt for the previously ordered in Russia nuclear fuel.


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