Nikolaev governor wants to sell an unfinished cruiser “Ukraine”

Maintenance of the missile cruiser “Ukraine” takes UAH 6 million per month.

Nikolayev region Governor Nikolai Romanchuk stressed the urgent need to sell the unfinished cruiser “Ukraine”. Since the early 90s, the ship has been standing at the quay of “61 Communards Shipyard”.

“Today more than ever, the issue of selling the “Ukraine” cruiser is topical. After what happened, we do owe anything to Russia and would consult them. We have to find a buyer and sell the cruiser, the faster the better,” said the Governor talking to reporters after results of the Crimea-wide referendum have been announced.

“The ship is 95% ready, but there is money to finish it while ship’s maintenance requires UAH 6 million every month,” said Romanchuk. “Russia has repeatedly stated its intention to acquire the missile cruiser “Ukraine”, but it never did. Ukraine considered China and India as potential buyers for the ship, but Russia did not agree to the sale,” he stressed.

According to various estimates, the cruiser costs between 1 to 4.7 billion dollars.

The project for “Ukraine” missile cruiser was developed at the Northern Design Bureau in Leningrad. The construction was commissioned by the USSR Navy on the “61 Communards Shipyard” in Nikolaev and began in summer, 1984. In August 1990, the cruiser was launched. On October 1, 1993 at 75% completion, the cruiser was removed from the Russian Navy and became the property of Ukraine. In 1994, Ukraine even formed a crew for the ship, but completion of the cruiser was stopped due to lack of funding. In 1998, the Ukrainian President decided on completion of the cruiser, and the crew was formed and disbanded for the second time. Now the cruiser is 95% completed.

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