Crimea independence, federalization, Russian - Russia’s proposals for Ukraine

These proposals are included in Russia’s Foreign Ministry statement on support Group for Ukraine.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry proposes to establish an International Support Group for Ukraine with the following goals: Ukraine - non-aligned federation, Russian language - the second state language, the fate of the Crimea - as was decided following the results of referendum on March 16.

Russia has again stressed that the current situation in Ukraine is “a result of profound crisis of the Ukrainian state that led to polarization of society and the sharp aggravation of antagonism between different parts of the country.”

Russia proposes to establish a Contact Support Group for crisis management in Ukraine - the Group would target implementation of the 21 February agreements on surrender of “illegal weapons”, release of illegally occupied buildings and streets, investigation of deaths in Kiev. Russia also wants “without delay, approve a Ukrainian parliament decree on calling up a Constitutional Assembly with equal representation of all Ukrainian regions, to prepare a new Federal Constitution.”

The new Constitution should establish federal system of Ukraine, its military and political neutrality, the state status for the Russian language, protection of human rights of all minorities, electivity of local authorities and non-interference in the church affairs. The draft Constitution were to be proposed to a nation-wide referendum.

Another principle of the Group's support for Ukraine - “recognition and respect for Crimea’s right to determine own destiny following the results of the referendum held on March 16”.

Established based on proposed by Russia purposes and principles “political system of Ukraine, its sovereignty, territorial integrity and neutral military and political status are guaranteed by Russia, the EU and the US with binding UN Security Council resolution”.

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