Ukraine recalls its ambassador from Russia

Ukraine has recalled its ambassador to Russia Vladimir Elchenko. Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry informs that the trip is linked with the Crimean situation and need to discuss its international aspects.

Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Ministry on March 17 issued a statement on the principles of forming a compact Support Group consisting of members who are acceptable to all Ukrainian political forces. Proposals for forming such a group were sent to the leadership of the US and European countries a week ago. The principles that should guide the Group members include respecting the interests of the multinational people of Ukraine and the inadmissibility of revival of neo-Nazi ideology. The Russian Foreign Ministry holds that Ukrainian politicians should dissociate themselves from the ultra-nationalists and stop their attempts to destabilise the country's different regions.

“As Russian side has repeatedly explained, the current situation in Ukraine has not been created by us but rather a result of profound crisis of the Ukrainian state that led to polarization of society and the sharp aggravation of antagonism between different parts of the country,” reads the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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