KamAZ demands to return trucks captured by Maidan protesters

Management of KamAZ carmaker demands to return 43 trucks seized in Ukraine on Sunday by armed men, who said they are the members of Maidan Self-Defence. The cost of the seized trucks tops $2.75 million. Vehicles were scheduled for export from Chernigov to Kazakhstan, says KamAZ press service.

“The company appealed to the Foreign Ministries of Kazakhstan and Russia, as well as to law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, requesting assistance in resolving this issue,” said the head of KamAZ Media Relations Afanasiev.

According to General Director of KamAZ Foreign Trade Company Raphael Gafeev, on March 17 top management of the company received threats that all KamAZ trucks in Chernigov will be confiscated.

“Maidan Self-Defence” took control of KamAZ warehouses in Chernihiv with about 150 trucks and 50 trailers, total cost of about 600 million roubles,” said Gafeev.

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