Dnepropetrovsk Prosecutor’s Office concerned about anti-fascist march

Roman Fedik, new prosecutor of Dnepropetrovsk region ordered to inspect on the facts about calling for secession from Ukraine at a rally near the Opera House. Members of the rally held in Dnepropetrovsk on March 16 demonstrated in favour of stronger local powers, abolition of Regional Administration with concurrent transfer its functions to the Regional Council.

About the upcoming inspection, the prosecutor informed at a press conference held on March 17. “We are studying everything that happened at the rally near the Opera Theatre,” said Fedik.

The prosecutor added that security service has already initiated criminal proceedings about the fact of raising Russian flag near Dnipropetrovsk City Council. According to sources of Kharkov News Agency, Ukraine’s Security Service investigates the chair of the Soviet Officers Union, Victor Marchenko, who often led anti-fascist marches and rallies.

On Sunday, March 16, several hundred people gathered in Dnepropetrovsk for a rally holding flags of Ukraine, Russia, Soviet Ukraine, Belarus, USSR, public organisation “Soviet Officers Union” and the “Russian bloc” party. Website of the Soviet Officers Union reports that the protesters urged to strengthen ties with Russia, favoured our country's accession to the Customs Union and were against entering the EU and NATO. The rally members also were collecting signatures for a referendum on the status of Dnepropetrovsk region. The referendum would have meant stronger local powers, abolition of Regional Administration and transfer of its functions to the Regional Council.

At 13:00, protesters escorted by the police headed via the roadway on Karl Marx Square to Petrovsky Square. During the march, more people joined in. The protesters chanted “Russia”, “Fascism will not be tolerated”, “Crimea, we are with you”, “Dnepr, get up”.

Near the monument to Grigory Petrovsky, the protesters installed a memorial. The memorial plaque reads, “Eternal memory to Soviet citizens who died in 1939-1954 from the hands of traitors, thugs and gangs of Nazi henchmen OUN-UPA”.

According to the chair of public organisation "Soviet Officers Union” Victor Marchenko, the plague was made on the money collected by Dnipropetrovsk residents in 2013.

“We collected several thousand signatures of Dnipropetrovsk residents for installation of the plaque on the Petrovsky Square. We submitted the signature sheets together with a note asking to allow the installation of commemorative sign to Dnipropetrovsk City Council. Despite the absence of formal permission to install the sign, we decided, according to the decision of Dnipropetrovsk residents present at the meeting on March 9, to install this sign here,” said Viktor Marchenko.

The metal sign reinforced with concrete was installed before the monument to Grigory Petrovsky, next to the cross in memory of Holodomor victims, informs the Soviet Officers Union.

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