Crimea - an independent sovereign state

Crimea is an independent sovereign state. The corresponding decision was unanimously supported by 85 deputies of the Crimean parliament at an extraordinary session of the Supreme Council.

The decision was approved following the results of Crimea-wide referendum on the status of autonomy as held yesterday, March 16.

“The Republic of Crimea intends to build its relations with other states on the basis of equality, peace, good-neighbourly relations and other universally recognised principles of political, economic and cultural cooperation between the countries. Republic of Crimea appeals to the UN, to all states of the world to recognise the independent state created by the peoples of the Crimea,” reads the document.

People's Deputies of the autonomy’s parliament appealed to Russia asking for secession of the Crimea as a new federal subject of Russia.

From this moment, Ukrainian legislation does not work in the Crimea, decisions of Ukraine’s parliament and other state bodies are not taken into account. Operation of all state bodies on the territory of Crimea ceases, their powers are transferred to the republic’s authorities, and all property becomes the property of the Crimea.

Yesterday the Crimea held a referendum to determine the status of autonomy. Referendum turnout broke all possible records, at 83.1% of the total electorate.

96.77% of voters voted for joining the Crimea to the Russian Federation.

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