The European Parliament presented Ukraine with an ultimatum regarding Tymoshenko

Today, on October 16, the journalist Mustafa Nayyem has published the text of an address of the observers from the European Parliament, which they sent to the president Viktor Yanukovych, on his Facebook page.

"The essence of the whole address is summarized in the last paragraph, in which Cox and Kvasnevskiy request Viktor Yanukovych to let Yulia Tymoshenko go to treatment by pardoning her. And if you read the document attentively, you will realize that it is actually an ultimatum: the signing of the association agreement directly depends on the decision Viktor Yanukovych makes regarding releasing Yulia Tymoshenko."

The complete report will be submitted not earlier than one month after extension of the mission of the European politicians Cox and Kvasnevskiy. However, they have already sent some of the conclusions and the address to the Ukrainian authorities. The main issue of the document is solution to Tymoshenko problem. Also the report of the European observers says nothing about specific country or hospital, to which they suggest sending the former prime-minister Yulia Tymoshenko. The mandate of the observer mission from the European parliament consisting of the former head of the European Parliament Pat Cox and ex-president of Poland Alexander Kvasnevskiy was extended for one more month. Alexander Kvasnevskiy said that the issue of treatment of Yulia Tymoshenko abroad will be resolved in the nearest future.

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