The draft of the agreement between Russia and Ukraine on Kerch bridge is ready

The Ministry of Transport of Russia gave to the Ukrainian side the draft of the intergovernmental agreement on building a bridge between the countries in the region of Kerch straight.

"Today we gave the draft of the intergovernmental agreement on this project to the Ukrainian side and hope to activate our negotiations on this issue in the nearest future," said the minister of transport of the Russian Federation Maksim Sokolov. The minister mentioned that the actual construction would take not less than 4-5 years. According to Sokolov, since it is a common project, it has to be financed evenly from both sides. The minister expressed hope that international financial institutions would participate in the project, as well as their Russian counterparts, for example, VEB and VTB.

The project of construction of a bridge over Kerch straight between the Crimea and Taman has been discussed since the Soviet times. The idea of construction of a bridge got a new life in April of 2010 at the meeting of the presidents of Ukraine and Russia in Kharkov. The project costs were estimated at 24 billion rubles at the price level of 2010. It is symbolic that at the day of the draft handover the existing ferry crossing decreased its transportation volume to 10 voyages per day. The traffic controllers of the ferry crossing said that it was due to decreased peak load and the end of holiday season in the Crimea.

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