The central election commission refused to register action groups on referendum regarding Ukraine joining the Customs Union

The central election commission (CEC) refused to register action groups on all-Ukrainian referendum regarding joining the Customs Union, which had been established at the meetings of the citizens on October 6 in Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Simferopol, Kharkov, and Chernigov.

According to the press-service of CEC 13 out of 15 members present during the meeting voted for this decision. The members of the commission, nominated by the quota of the Communist Party of Ukraine, abstained from voting.

"After analyzing the supplied documents it was determined that during the formation of the action groups of all-Ukrainian referendum on people's initiative on the question "Do you support Ukraine joining the Customs Union of Belarus Republic, Kazakhstan Republic and the Russian Federation? Yes/No" the procedure, stipulated in the article 30 of the Law of Ukraine "On all-Ukrainian Referendum", had not been observed," announced CEC. "According to the corresponding resolution of the district administrative court of the city of Kiev issued on October 2, 2103, CEC was prohibited from sending its representatives to the specified meetings of the citizens of Ukraine. The commission has informed the organizers of the meetings about that beforehand via letters. Thus, the organizers of the meeting of the citizens of Ukraine on conducting all-Ukrainian referendum on people's initiative were aware of the impossibility of the verification of the fact of conduct of the mentioned meetings by the representative of CEC, which is a mandatory requirement of the law."

The vice-chairman of CEC Andrey Magera said that that was not the only reason. Particularly, as a result of meticulous inspection of the documents of the citizens, who were present during the meetings, it was determined that the data of 491 of them only partially corresponded to the information about them from the state electoral register. Besides that there were deceased and under-aged among those citizens. As a result the chairman of CEC Mikhail Okhendrovsky asked the authorized representative of the action group from the Communist Party of Ukraine Georgiy Buiko to check the lists with personal data of the citizens more carefully in a period ahead.

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