Viktor Yanukovych thinks that Ukraine needs effective protection of the Ukrainian manufacturers and support at the external market

During his meeting with female Heroes of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych has said that to facilitate the progress of Ukraine the government must protect the national interests of the country because now the borders between countries become increasingly vague due to development of the internet technologies and financial and banking systems.

"We must protect our national interests, the interests of our state," said the president. "We need to build such a foreign policy, which would enable us to make agreements, so that we and our country are respected. We must build such policy, which would allow us to have more friends," mentioned Viktor Yanukovych.

The actress of the National academic theater of the Russian drama named after Lesya Ukrainka Valeriya Zaklunnaya-Mironenko asked a question about further development of the relations between Ukraine and Russia, particularly, trade relations. Viktor Yanukovych replied that both Russia and Ukraine are interested in trading according to WTO rules.

"We should in no case break anything; we need to have evolutionary way. Let us be frank: which standards does Russia seek? The same European standards."

He has also mentioned that Ukraine must withstand external challenges.

"Whoever and in whichever way tries to provoke us into any conflicts, we are not interested in them. We do not want conflicts; we do not want to create problems and will not support this kind of politics. Our goal is to find the understanding, find such a model of understanding which will satisfy our citizens," said the head of the state.

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