Why "Gazprom" Lost $ 10 Billion

Discount on gas for Ukraine turned to the Russian "Gazprom" a 10 billion dollars. This was announced at a press conference in Italy by Russian President Vladimir Putin. TV channel "Russia-24" broadcasted the event.

Putin said of the large debt of Ukraine, which now is considered to be more than $ 30 billion. Credits to pay gas are provided by Russian banks.

Discount, of which Putin mentioned, was provided to Ukraine for the prolongation of the Black Sea Russian fleet in Crimea. The agreement with Ukraine on gas deliveries, priced at $ 260 per 1 thousand cubic meters, in April, 2010, the Russian government counted at $ 700 million loss.

All attempts of the Ukrainian government to obtain a review of the gas agreement failed. The reason was an economic pressure, the BNS Counselor of the Lithuanian President Jovita Nyalyupshene.

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