95% of residents of Yalta voted in favor of reunification of the Crimea with Russia

95% of residents supported reunification of the Crimea with Russia in Yalta. The all-Crimean referendum about the status of the peninsula finished in Yalta with a grandiose festival. Residents of Yalta gathered on the seafront in front of the monument to Lenin, where the gala concert was held, after polling stations were closed.

The deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Crimea Nikolay Yanaki came to congratulate residents of Yalta.

"Today we have shown the world that the Crimea is single. The peninsula made its choice of prosperity and stability," he said.

"I am proud of you, residents of Yalta!" the secretary of the Yalta City Council Sergey Karnaukh addressed local residents. "I am proud of the local youth that helped to keep peace in our city and I'm proud of all the people who did not remain indifferent to the fate of Yalta in these difficult days. Residents of Yalta are the best, and today they performed an exploit, having won the real victory."

He reminded the town dwellers that Big Yalta was recognized the leader in the Crimea in organization of the all-Crimean referendum, as well as become one of the best regions in the turnout; such a heavy massive turnout was never registered on the South coast before.

In conclusion, accompanied by the anthem residents of Yalta put up the flag of the Russian Federation over the town, and the sky was lighted with festive fireworks.

According to information of the chairwoman of the Yalta city commission for the all-Crimean referendum Irina Belozerova, on 16 March 93,492 town dwellers came to polling stations of Big Yalta that constitutes 86.46% of the total number of voters that were included in the lists. The first question "Do you support reunification of the Crimea with Russia on the rights of an entity of the Russian Federation?" was supported by 88,823 people that is 95%. The second question  "Do you support renovation of the effect of the Constitution of the Republic of the Crimea of 1992 and the status of the Crimea as the part of Ukraine?" was supported by 3,826 people that is 4%.

March 16, 2014 for ever went down in history of the Crimea. It will remain in the memory of inhabitants of the peninsula as a symbol of national victory and triumph of the historical justice. Residents of the Crimea joining efforts unanimously elected the further way of our region. "Joining with Russia is our common victory," Sergey Karnaukh stressed, making a speech at the rally in the evening of March 16. "We are grateful to each other for patience and purposefulness, we are grateful to Russian people and to the person, who made a step forward - the president of Russia Vladimir Putin."



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