The condition of the Ukrainian army arises questions among experts

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine conducted maneuvers The Spring Shower, but experts consider that the planned effect was not reached.

The acting Minister of Defense Igor Tenykh at the session of the government stated that the armed forces of Ukraine were brought to the highest degree of readiness.  "The tasks given to the Armed Forces of the country are performed in accordance with the earlier approved plan of maneuvers The Spring Shower," Tenykh stated.

However, the state of the Ukrainian army arises a number of questions among experts. The Ministry of Defense recognize problems as well: the total strength of the army is 41 thousand people; 20 thousand of them are in constant combat readiness, but in fact only 6 thousand soldiers are in combat readiness. The Ministry of Defense calls the situation rather difficult.

Observers note that the declared mobilization did not bring expected results. Many draft-age men work outside of Ukraine.

Sentiments in the east and south of the country do not contribute to the success of maneuvers because residents of Donetsk region stopped the army column and forced it to go back; and residents of Lugansk constructed a barricade on railway tracks and hampered the way of the echelon with military machinery. Videos of protests are published on the Internet.

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