Russia may recognize Bandera symbols as Nazi ones

The vice-speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the deputy secretary of the General Council of United Russia Sergey Zheleznyak stated that Bandera attributes must be set equal to Nazi symbols. He plans to bring the appropriate bill for consideration in the Russian parliament. The vice-speaker is sure that many deputies of the State Duma will support it.

"I support the requirement of my compatriots to set equal Bandera Attributes to Nazi symbols. I believe that it is essential to bring responsible people to liability. I will prepare and bring to the State Duma a respective bill for consideration at the beginning of the week," Zheleznyak wrote on its web page in Facebook.

The Code of Administrative Offenses of Russia provides vindictive damages for propaganda and public demonstration of Nazi attributes or symbols, or public demonstration of symbols of extremist organizations as follows: for citizens it is the fine amounting 1-2 thousands of rubles and confiscation of the item of the offense (or arrest for up to 15 days and confiscation), for officials  it is the fine amounting 1-4 thousand rubles with confiscation, for legal persons - 10-50 thousand rubles with confiscation. Manufacture, sale or purchase for the purpose of sale of Nazi attributes or symbols by citizens is punished with a fine amounting 1-2.5 thousand rubles with confiscation; by officials - 2-5 thousand rubles with confiscation, by legal persons - 20-100 thousand rubles with confiscation.

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