The books by Esenin, Bunin and Nabokov will be removed from school libraries of Russia

The books by Sergei Esenin, Ivan Bunin and Vladimir Nabokov are among the books, which the Public Prosecutor's Office of Stavropol demanded to remove from school libraries for "erotic, mysticism, horrors, and hooligan poems".

During the check-up of the books in school libraries the prosecutors have found "the books, which have nothing to do with the objectives of the educational process", containing mysticism, erotic and horrors.

"The Prosecutor's Office demanded to remove from the public domain the books of a number of authors, in particular, the works by Nabokov, which contain mysticism, as well as the works by Esenin with his hooligan poems. Students should not read such books,” the First Assistant Attorney General for the supervision of obeying the laws regarding the juveniles and the youth Kurbangali Sharipov stated.

According to his words, the books of the mentioned authors make a negative impact on the juveniles, evoking "fear of darkness, ghosts, nightmares and creating problems in the communication between peers".

During the month the administrations of schools must report about the removal of malicious books from the public domain, after that the supervisory authority may repeat the check-up.

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