Dmitry Yarosh threatens to blow up gas pipeline connecting Russia and Europe

Leader of the right-wing extremist groups Dmitry Yarosh urges to blow up the pipeline supplying Russian gas to Europe.

In his address to the current government and the people of Ukraine, Yarosh said that he would obstruct transfer of Russian oil. The pipeline, indeed, passes through the territory of Ukraine. In order to deprive Russia of the source of income, Yarosh is ready to destroy the Ukrainian pipeline.

“We know that Russia is making money supplying oil&gas to the West through our pipeline - so we will destroy the pipe, depriving the enemy of this source of funding. Let the earth burns under aggressor’s feet, let him drown in his blood,” added Yarosh.

His other plans include initiating a guerrilla and sabotage groups to fight the Russians.

Russia has already opened criminal proceedings against Yarosh for his alleged participation in the battles against Russian troops and for cooperation with international terrorist Doku Umarov.

In a separate development, earlier Kharkov provocation with gunmen (on the night on March 14 to 15) resulted in death of two people.

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