The residents of Odessa will be able to see the comet and "the meteor shower" on December 5

On December 5 the residents of Odessa will be able to see the comet of Novichenko-Nevskiy and, most possibly, "the meteor shower".

The comet with the parabolic orbit ISON, discovered by Artem Novichenko and Vitaliy Nevskiy in the observatory near Kislovodsk in September 2012, may become the biggest and the brightest space object of the beginning of the 21st century.

According to the Director of Odessa Observatory Sergey Andrievskiy, the comet cannot be seen now. On November 28 the comet will go behind the Sun and will be at the perigee point: in the maximum proximity to the Sun. After November 28 the comet will start to move away from the Sun and it may be observed on December 5.

If the comet of Novichenko-Nevskiy is as bright, as expected, then due to high temperatures (over 2,000 degrees) the celestial body will be able to create a meteor stream, and in case of overheating even explosions will be possible.

If this does not happen, the observers will be able to see only bright flashes in the sky.

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