Crimea awaits the referendum results

Currently, Simferopol residents on the main square of the city are waiting for the results of the referendum that ended some 30 minutes ago.

The CEC is about to report on preliminary estimates. The results of the referendum will be announced tomorrow at the extraordinary session of the Supreme Council of Crimea.

People standing on Lenin square hold flags of Russia, chanting "Russia!" Russian pop artists perform before the crowd. People are very happy that a step toward reunification with Russia was made possible thanks to the efforts of the Crimean government, their decisive actions and timely mobilization of defense forces and local residents.

According to the CEC, the referendum turnout reached 85 percent. Observers did not record any major violations during the voting. All residents had an opportunity to express their opinion. 135 observers from 23 countries and 240 observers from Crimea’s NGOs and parties observed the vote; 2,500 police and self-defense squads ensured security.

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