93% of the residents of Crimea voted in favor of joining Russia

According to the results of exit poll, 93% of residents voted in favor of joining Russia at the referendum in the Crimea.

Herewith, 7% of respondents supported the autonomous status of the Republic as part of Ukraine.

The express-survey was carried out by the Crimean Republican Institute of Political and Sociological Research at 200 polling stations in all regions of the Crimea, including, in Sevastopol.

All in all more than 59 residents of the Crimea were questioned.

According to the preliminary data of the Central Election Committee, attendance of the referendum in the Crimea amounted 82 %, 1.250 million inhabitants of the peninsula voted and more than a million voted for joining to the Russian Federation. 135 observers from 23 states and 240 observers from public organizations and political parties observed the voting. 2,500 policemen and members of voluntary police of people's self-defense ensured security.

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