By 19:00 almost 80% of Crimeans has voted in referendum

The turnout in the referendum in Crimea at 19.00 amounted 73,41%, 1,124 million people voted, the Commission of the Supreme Council of Crimea informs.


The Head of the Commission of the Supreme Council of Crimea on referendum Mikhail Malyshev said that at 19.00 1 million 123 thousand 999 persons or 73,41% of those having the right voted.According to him, turnout in Sevastopol is $ 255 725 thousand people or about 83%.


As it became known from reliable sources in Yalta Executive Committee, at 19.00 voter turnout in Big Yalta exceeded 80%. This City Commission on carrying out the Crimean referendum did not confirm this information. The final results will be known after 20:00, when the voting process will officially be over.

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