Pro-Russian rally in Odessa took place despite taboo

Today at Odessa regional administration more than 700 people, ignoring the governmental prohibitions, held a Pro-Russian riot. People were standing with the Russian flags and Odessa banners and preparing to march through the streets of the city.


Currently in Donetsk a Pro-Russian campaign was held, too. In the riot about 3 thousand people participated. People wore St. George's ribbons and held Russian flags to support the secession of Crimea from Ukraine. Also people wanted their «people's Governor» Paul Gubareva released. They attacked regional procuracy building.


Meanwhile, in Kharkiv supporters of the referendum participated in People’s Assembly. Just by observation of journalists our newsagency, in Freedom square there were 1.5 - 3 thousand protesters. Prohibition of the court did not prevent citizens from gathering in the square on the issue of federalization of the Kharkiv region. Right in front of the state administration, protesters stretched the huge flag of Russia.

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