Venice helds referendum on secession from Italy

Venice helds referendum on secession from Italy

The referendum will be held from 16 to 21 of March in different cities. Today the referendum held in the capital of Venice Veneto. The questions of formation of the independent Federative Republic of Venice and the participation of the Republic in the EU and NATO were set.


According to a recent survey in the cities of the region, about 65% of inhabitants of the region wanted separation from Rome. It is about 4 million people.


Note, the participation in the referendum is not obligatory. However, in accordance with the law on conducting the voting, adopted in 2006, the Venice will be separated of Italy, if the majority supports the decision of the secession. After getting its independence, Venice will stop the transfer of taxes into the Treasury of Italy.


Let's remind, that in many cities of Venice such as Verona, Venice, Palermo, Pisa and other, long before the referendum, rallies for the independence of Venice were held. The protesters were against government austerity measures, as they deprive millions of young Italians legal rights to education, work and good future. In Turin, Milan and Rome such peaceful demonstrations escalated into clashes with police.

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