Implementation of the roadmaps on cooperation with the Russian Federation started today

The prime-minister of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov gave a commission to start the implementation of the roadmaps on cooperation with the Russian Federation starting with today.

During the meeting of Ukrainian-Russian governmental committee on the issues of the economic cooperation in Russia the leaders of Ukraine and Russia managed to come to mutual understanding on the issues of activating the cooperation.

"The decrease of the goods turnover between our countries by almost 25 percent in the current year can suit neither Ukraine nor Russia … Therefore, we must not treat this as a bookkeeping, where sooner or later we will be able to balance the credit and debit … Especially, when we are talking about the manufacturing cooperation," said Nilolay Azarov.

According to him, the prime-ministers and the committee have come to the agreement on the roadmaps of cooperation in several fields.

It is worth reminding that negotiations with the prime-minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev took place at the beginning of the week in Kaluga. During the meeting the Russian prime-minister said that Ukraine and the Russian Federation had to develop the methods of stimulation of mutual trade.

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