“Russian Spring” protesters storm building of Interior Ministry in Donetsk (updated)

“Russian Spring” protesters storm building of Interior Ministry in Donetsk (updated)

Participants of the “Russian Spring” rally in Donetsk stormed the local department of the Ministry of Interior demanding release of activists detained after the events of March 13, when a person was killed during clashes with EuroMaidan supporters. Earlier it was reported that police detained six militants suspected of involvement in the death of a person.

According to the protesters, after storming the Donetsk building of Ukraine's security service, they were promised that the “People’s Governor” Pavel Gubarev will be released in the next few hours.

“We were urging people to come out today to a peace rally. After that, people in the square began shouting “Freedom to Pavel Gubarev”. Now many are concerned that Pavel is being detained. We did not plan for this, people just selected Pavel as Governor, they support him and want his release. We used to go to rallies before, too, but we were not heard. We asked for the referendum and have already collected more than 50,000 signatures for Pavel’s release, but Kiev junta does not react to it,” said his wife Catherine Gubareva.

After lengthy negotiations, the police promised to release immediately all those detained. Near the police department, there is a crowd of 500 people chanting, “Let out” and “Gubarev”. Also, those picketing the municipal government demanded to return Roman Romanov as the head of local branch of Ministry of Interior in the Donetsk. The protesters also said that starting tomorrow they would be maintaining order together with the police.

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