Activists storm Donetsk SBU (VIDEO)

Activists storm Donetsk SBU (VIDEO)

Participants of the “Russian Spring” rally in Donetsk stormed the local building of Ukraine's security service.

Demonstrators break the windows and try to get inside the building, but they are stopped by metallic blinds. The crowd tried to beat the Head of Security Service Valery Ivanov, who decided to enter into negotiations. The militants demand the immediate release of the “People's Governor” Pavel Gubaryov.

They were unable to enter the premises as security used stun grenades. The protesters began to retreat shouting, “Police are fascists”. Entrance to the SBU building is in shambles.

Now the protesters walk back to square with the song “Arise, great country!”

Pavel Gubarev was arrested on March 6 in a safe house. The court refused to release him on bail.

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