Tallinn residents rally in support of Crimea

Tallinn residents rally in support of Crimea

In Tallinn, several hundred people held a rally in support of Crimea residents and the Russian leadership, protecting their compatriots in Ukraine.

According to Sergei Tyd’yakov, one of the leaders of the “Night Watch” organisation, the rally was coordinated with local authorities and held without violations of public order.

Protesters gathered on the square near the building of the Estonian Foreign Ministry carrying slogans “Estonian people - for free Crimea”, “Support the Crimea”, “NATO will not pass”. Rally members included both activists of Estonia Russian community and ordinary citizens.

Participants of the meeting shared the view that Russia is doing the right thing protecting their compatriots in Ukraine. Similar mass rallies have been held in many Russian regions. In particular, about 15,000 people attended Vladikavkaz rally in support of the Crimea, held on Friday, March 14.

On Sunday, March 16, Crimea is scheduled to hold a referendum on joining Russia. Russian government guaranteed $1 billion financial assistance to the Crimea, regardless of the results of the referendum. Already in April, $90 million will be transferred to Crimea banks to cover the deficit of the Crimean budget.

Earlier, Privatbank, the bank used by almost every state-run company for salary accounts, restricted cash withdrawals to up to 500 hryvnia per day. As a result, long lines of workers, students, pensioners lined up in front of cash points and bank branches.

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