Yarosh and Tyagnibok killing Russian soldiers in Chechnya

Yarosh and Tyagnibok killing Russian soldiers in Chechnya

Russia’s Investigative Committee opened criminal proceedings against Dmitry Yarosh and Oleg Tyagnibok, saying that they were fighting against Russian military.

According to investigators, in 1994-1995 Yarosh and Tyagnibok as a part of UNA-UNSO squad that fought on the side of Chechen separatists led by Shamil Basayev and Khattab against Russian troops. The squad of Yarosh and Tyagnibok was led by Igor Mazur, Valery Bobrowicz and Dmitry Korchinskiy, who also get a criminal case each.

The information about citizens of Ukraine taking part in the battles against the troops of the 76th Pskov Airborne Division appeared in course of a criminal investigation on actions of Shamil Basayev and Khattab squads.

Shamil Basayev is known as organiser of resonant terrorist attacks on the territory of the Russian Federation. He is on the lists of terrorists of UN, US State Department and the European Union.

“The investigation collected enough evidence that enable us to issue shortly an order on charging these individuals, sentencing them in-absentia to prison and declaring them wanted,” says spokesman of Russia’s Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin.

Oleg Tyagnibok and Dmitry Yarosh are among the leaders of EuroMaidan protest movement in Kiev; 100 members of the movement were killed.

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