Special squad soldiers from the Crimea and Odessa are going to Euromaidan in Kiev

Two companies of special squad soldiers of the interior troops were alerted with the signal "rocket "Wave" (liquidation of mass unrest and riots) for dispatch to Kiev from Perevalnoye and Kyzyl-Tasche in the Crimea.

The remainder of the units of the regiment are ready to depart to Kiev within 24 hours.

The companies have standard equipment:

rubber batons, stun grenades "Zarya", four SRGs (gas spraying stations) and handcuffs.

The government-issue weapons and ammunition were not distributed, except to the officers.

Such information has emerged this night in social networks with reference to the information leakage from families of the military personnel.

"Those who now fight with the people at Maidan are weak children as compared to those who are getting ready. If this happens, there will be no alternative but to pull Zakharchenko out of the office and hang him at Maidan.And then in a crowd go to the "golden toilet". It's enough for him to play fool and pretend that he has nothing to do with this and has no idea what's going on. By the way, the Crimean internal troopers are swearing like hell and cursing their superiors" said the source.

A little earlier there was a similar message about departure of a company of internal troops from Odessa.

Official confirmation of the information has not yet been received.

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