Police removes the “Pravy Sector" from office in Kharkov

Police removes the “Pravy Sector" from office in Kharkov

The militants are being put onto coaches. Currently there is no information on how many of them remain inside the building. Clashes between two opposite orientation groups continue for the second day. So far, two people killed, two more - injured.

Those who were earlier attacked by the militants wielding submachine guns try to break through to the detainees; police is blocking them.

In the near future Kharkov Mayor Gennady Kernes is expected to issue a statement on the situation. Earlier in the negotiations with the militants, the police managed to free one of the three hostages.

“As a result of negotiations, we secured a release of one hostage. There are about 40 militants in the building. Two men remain hostage, one of them is a policeman who entered the building for negotiations,” says Kernes.

As Kharkov News Agency previously reported, clashes between “Right Sector” militants and members of “Kharkov Militia” began after a verbal exchange at Liberty Square between minibus passengers and activists of the “Russian Spring” rally. The minibus was chased down, the situation ended up with pro-Russian activists storming the EuroMaidan office. In the ensuing clashes, two people were killed and two more were injured. Militants besieged in the “Right Sector” HQ fired from automatic weapons, used stun grenades and Molotov cocktails.

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