Maidan activist robs Lviv family

Maidan activist robs Lviv family

A Lviv family was robbed by a 22-year-old Gennady Duravkin from the Maidan’s 9th hundred. He took gold jewellery, 1,000 euros, bicycle and a mobile phone. Leaving the crime scene, he also left on the gas and electricity.

According to site, the thief is an orphan from Drobyshevo village, Donetsk region. Two months he lived on the Maidan. On February 20, he was shot in the arm and then asked for a medical assistance and accommodation in Lviv family that he met at the Maidan.

“At first he lived at our place with a guy, and then my parents took him to the Belogorischa village near Lviv. They gave him a key to the house, because they trusted him. The day before yesterday he went off line, and yesterday we realized that our parents have been robbed. Not only thief took the valuables, he also tried to set the house on fire by leaving on the light and opening the gas taps,” quotes Maryana Shevchuk, the daughter of the victim.

She also told the newspaper that Duravkin had an air gun purchased with money people sent him for treatment. “We did not have suspicions - he was searching for work, patrolling Lviv on a bike. Later we learned that he had previously been convicted. We suspect that he went to the Crimea,” said Shechuk.

Injured wrote a statement to the Lviv city police. Duravkin acquaintances who talked to him last claim that he was calling from the train.

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