Police detained Poltava Mayor for beating the protesters

Police detained Poltava Mayor for beating the protesters

On March 14, police detained Poltava Mayor Alexander Mamay on suspicion of beating the protesters - the brawl near the door of the City Council’s session hall was filmed on video.

The information comes from the deputy head of the Poltava police administration Georgiy Karpichenko, informs the “Levyi Bereg” news hub.

“We will examine the beating,” said Karpichenko. He also noted that two people from self-defence force wrote police statements against Mamay. According to the victims, Mamay hit them when trying to break out of the session hall when a fight broke out with the protesters.

Representatives of Poltava city police department took Mamay and Oksana Derkach, Secretary of the City Council and a witness of the brawl, to the police station. According to witnesses, during the fight one of Mamay bodyguards got broken head and is currently hospitalised.

March 14 was the third time that Poltava authorities try, unsuccessfully, to hold the City Council session. There was no quorum as deputies of “Conscience of Ukraine” party (controlled by the Mayor) failed to turn up.

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