Mass arrests of activists of Russian Spring are held in Lugansk

Mass arrests of activists of Russian spring are held in Lugansk. According to information of representatives of the movement, participants of Russian Spring are summoned for questioning about the fact of capture of the Lugansk Regional State Administration on March 9.

Activists find contradictions in actions of new Ukrainian authorities. "Why are rallies and capture of buildings that take place in Kiev and western Ukraine normal, and similar actions here are considered to be a crime?" one of participants of Russian Spring noted.

The leader of the organization the Lugansk Militia Alexandr Kharitonov was detained on March 13 in Kiev and was sent to Kiev.

On March 2 a Russian oriented rally took place in Lugansk, participants of the rally demanded the referendum. The protest, in which Alexandr Kharitonov participated, ended with an attack of the regional administration. Kharitonov was proclaimed the "people's governor" of Lugansk region. On March 9 another rally was held in support of the referendum about the status of the region. Activists seized the building of the regional administration once again and had a fight with supporters of Euromaidan in Lugansk. About one thousand people participated in the attack. Protesters broke into the office of the head of the regional administration Mikhail Bolotskikh and forced him to write a statement of resignation. Participants of the attack tore away the flag of Ukraine from the flagpole of the administration and put up the Russian tricolor instead of it. Authorities managed to cope with protesters and Mikhail Bolotskikh returned to his duties.

On March 11 the deputy of the Lugansk Regional Council Arsen Klinchaev was also arrested for organization of Russian oriented rallies.  According to the Security Service of Ukraine, Arsen Klinchaev is currently in detention facility.

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