Sailors from Sevastopol were robbed in Kiev at Borispol airport

The deputy of Sevastopol City Council, the director of the international Crewing Agency Andrey Lunenok informed the news agency "For Post" that sailors from Sevastopol that return home from foreign voyages are being robbed in Kiev airport Borispol.

According to the deputy, robbery of international sailors has become a conveyor; more than 30 people have already suffered. "A group of people come up to sailors, introduce themselves as self-defense of Euromaidan, demand to produce documents, and then search them and take away the cash. In case of resistance they beat sailors," Andrey Lunenok said.

Herewith, when the victims try to address law enforcement agencies, no one is trying to help them there. The deputy of Sevastopol is sure that self defense does not work blindly, but on a tip of workers of local customs.

To prevent such cases in future it was decided not to let sailors leave the watch. "Due to attacks of our sailors it was decided to suspend all "shift changes" on foreign ships till March 25, to ensure that no one would suffer," Andrey Lunenok stated.

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