Workers of JSC Azot rallied in Cherkassy

In Cherkassy more than 300 workers JSC Azot defended the interests of the workers' association of the enterprise by attending the protest actions.

Rallies were held at the central pass-through of the plant and near the building of Cherkassy Regional Government Administration.

The cause of discontent was unstable operation of the enterprise - the plant has not been running for more than three months, and as a consequence - the wages, which the workers did not receive.

Additionally, as stated in the announcement distributed by the organizers, there is no independent labor union organization in the factory, which would carryout a real protection of the rights of the workers.

"The workers of the idle factory under threats dismissal are forced to join a pseudo-labor union, controlled by the employer, and any attempt to create an independent labor union is brutally suppressed."

The protest rallies resulted in writing collective appeal to the management of the enterprise and the local authorities, in which the workers of Azot expressed their demands, for example, renewal of full-fledged operation of the enterprise and guaranteed freedom of the independent labor union movement.

The event was organized by trade union "People's Solidarity" and all-Ukrainian professional association "Democratic Labor Unions of Ukraine".

JSC Azot in Cherkassy is a part of the structure of the international group of companies "DF Group", the founder of which is a well-known Ukrainian entrepreneur Dmitry Firtasch.

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