The Court prohibited holding the rally on March 16 in Kharkov; the governor scares with acts of terror

The head of the Kharkov Regional Administration Igor Baluta informed that the court banned holding the peoples' assembly and referendum in Kharkov that was planned to be held on Sunday, March 16.  He also called on Kharkov residents to abstain from participation in mass activities.

According to the governor, there is information about possible acts of terror on the territory of Kharkov. "Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and of the State Border Guard Service are taking all necessary measures to ensure the order," Igor Baluta noted.

"The situation in Kharkov region is stable. Rallies and various activities take place. But all of them are of peaceful nature. Security, defense and law enforcement agencies work to prevent provocations. Yesterday a meeting with heads of district administrations and chairmen of district councils of border districts was held. The main question that was discussed on the meeting was prevention of provocations, conflicts, as well as prevention of people, who provoke border guards from one and another side, to approach the border line. In addition, it is necessary to pay particular attention to those objects of life-support systems, which are located on the territory of border districts of Kharkov region. Vigilance and protection of these objects must be carried out in intensified mode," the deputy chairman, the head of the machinery of the Kharkov Regional State Administration Vasiliy Khoma stated.

On March 15 and 16 rallies of many thousands of people with a requirement to hold the referendum about the status of the region are planned to hold in Kharkov. The people's assembly and referendum about questions of federalization is appointed on March 16, it is planned to be held in Svoboda Square. About 50 public organizations constitute the structure of the people's assembly: Cossacks, Afghans, Borotba and others. The head of the executive board is Artem Trofimov.

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