Russia is ready to defend its citizens in Donetsk

"Russia realizes its responsibility for lives of its fellow countrymen and fellow citizens in Ukraine and reserves the right to take people under protection," the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation stated after the tragic events that took place on March 13 in Donetsk.

Two rallies took place on the central square of Donetsk on March 13, one of them was in support of Russia, and another one was in support of Euromaidan. Participants of these rallies had a conflict that escalated to mass disorders.

According to eyewitnesses, activists of Euromaidan began to throw petards at Russian oriented protesters. Fights burst out in the crowd all the time, tear gas sprays were used, cobblestones and pieces of reinforcement were thrown.  Finally the police managed to bring additional forces to the square and to stop clashes. According to information of the Donetsk prosecutor's regional office, one person was killed and 29 were injured during disorders.

"The Prosecutor's Office of Donetsk region carries out a check up of actions or inaction of law enforcement authorities that had to ensure public order during peaceful rallies. After a full and complete analysis of actions of law enforcement officers the relevant procedural decisions will be made," representatives of regional Prosecutor's office note.

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