The mayor of Donetsk intends to prohibit rallies in the city

The mayor of Donetsk Alexandr Lukyanchenko informed that Donetsk City Council will apply to court with the request to temporarily prohibit holding rallies in the city.

Alexandr Lukyanchenko expressed his attitude to mass disorders in the capital of miners in his address to inhabitants of Donetsk. "Blood was shed in Donetsk, the resident of our city died and three persons are in the hospital. Mass collisions happened during the peaceful rally. It is a tragedy for Donetsk," the mayor stated.

The bang for rallies proposed by authorities of Donetsk is directed against planned mass rallies on March 15 and 16 in support of release of the arrested "people's governor" Pavel Gubarev and in support of the Crimean referendum about independence.

As was already reported by the news agency "Kharkov", on March 13 mass clashes took place in Donetsk between supporters of Euromaidan and participants of the rally Russian Spring   One person died and dozens were injured.  Four suspects are already arrested.

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